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  • Lisa Kelly

The Magic of Keeping it Simple

We’re welcoming March in and I’m going to spend the month showing you why and how keeping things simple is the method to the madness of getting results!

I know, I know - it’s nothing shiny and new…it doesn’t come with funky powders, insane workouts or make your water pink. Sorry. (Not sorry).

This method is basic but it’s tried and true.

It never fails.

So…if you’re still with me (and awake!), you might not be excited about sticking to the basics, but actually getting results will rock your world, let me tell you!

What do I mean by keeping it simple and sticking with the basics? Whew, I’m so glad you asked!

By basics, I mean:

  • Eating mostly fresh foods with balanced nutrition (ideally following the right amount of protein, carb, and healthy fats for your goals and your body).

  • Getting consistency with your exercise to get stronger, fitter and more mobile.

  • Setting yourself up for a good night of sleep to help your body recover and repair.

  • Having a plan in place to manage stress before it manages you.

Why these basics? Because they are the core of a healthy lifestyle and they are all connected! Your sleep quality can affect your food choices which can affect your energy which can affect your activity level, and on and on.

Once you master the basics, then you can add in the fancy stuff if your heart so desires! (But please no detoxes or cleanses - not even if they show up with a unicorn to sell it to you!).

Once you find your “groove” you can feel pretty unstoppable and that’s the power of the basics.

Stick around this month and I’ll keep talking about how to keep things simple – I’ll try my best to spice things up with some inappropriate humour! Oh and a game of BINGO! Did you get your free Refire Bingo Card? We’re playing all month and there’s some pretty sweet prizes up for grabs! Get your card here

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