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  • Lisa Kelly

Good Eats: Quick Snack Ideas

There isn't always a lot of time to prepare healthy snacks, but there a lot of grab and go options you can keep on hand that take little to no preparation at all!

1. Greek Yogurt: Excellent to get some protein and calcium!

2. Hard Boiled Egg: I cook a whole batch of these on the weekend to use all week.

3. Veggie with Cheese: Just a favourite of mine - any crunch veggie with cheese or dip.

4. Apple: Super easy to stick in your purse or lunch bag - eat anywhere!

5. Lara Bar: I love keeping these in my purse or car for those hungry moments. 6. Banana: Another portable fruit that is easy to keep on hand. 7. Nuts/Seeds: Pick your favourites and keep a portion nearby.


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