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  • Lisa Kelly

Prepare for Adding Fitness to Your Life

If you’ve been sedentary for a long period of time and are looking at starting to add fitness into your life, here’s how to begin preparing yourself for success!

Do it For You You follow through on promises to just about everyone in your life – your boss, your children, your spouse, etc.... – it’s time to treat yourself with the same respect. Treat your goal of healthy changes like you would a promise or commitment you make with other people. You wouldn’t let them down, so why do it to yourself?

Find What You Love About You Now Instead of the focus being on all the things you want to change, take some time to find the things you love about yourself and your body now. This will help you to start your journey on a positive note instead of starting it from a place of negativity and hate. This is a huge piece that really can determine if you keep your routine going well after the sparkle of the whole New Year’s Resolution fades.

Make Small Shifts Jumping into a complete food overhaul and hardcore workouts will only lead to frustration and burnout. Know that any healthier choice in food is a good choice and that any movement is good movement. Start by adding small changes so your habits develop naturally overtime and make it easier to stay consistent. Think Past Losing Weight Over and over again, people punish themselves for “weight loss”. It becomes an obsessive term that creates a very narrow minded approach to health. Instead, I would encourage you to focus more attention to the health benefits of being active and eating well such as feeling stronger, leaner, happier and energized.

Are you on the edge of making the choice to start adding healthy changes to your life? Let's talk! I'm more than willing to take time and discuss goals with anyone looking to be healthier. Sometimes just talking to someone about your goals can help you take those first steps!


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