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Free Printable Weekly Meal Planning Template

You can make your life easier and your willpower stronger simply by making a weekly menu for yourself and meal prepping foods in advance. At first, this might seem overwhelming but with practice it can become a habit that saves your health, time and money!

I know that planning makes it easier for me to make healthy choices all week and it eliminates the stress. I want to help you build this habit as well so I'm sharing this free printable template (PDF) you can use to plan your week.

Here's my process:

1. I look over weekly grocery flyers to see what's on sale

2. I decide on my meals for the week based on the sales and write a shopping list from the recipes I have decided on

3. I shop for the items I need for all snacks and meals

4. I spend a few hours on a day that works for me to prep and cook as much as my weekly menu as possible

5. I separate the snacks and meals as needed so it's easy to grab and go all week

That's it - No stress, less mess and I can focus on other things for the week!

Download your free Weekly Meal Planning Template and building your habit today. Email me at if you need help getting started.


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