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Breaking Free From Binge Eating

Think Addition – Not Restriction

The more you force yourself to restrict foods, the more you set yourself up for failure. Try to begin to think about the foods you get to add to your meals.

Quit Dieting All the fad diets and trends are probably what sets off the binging cycling in the first place. They are not set up to be able to maintain for life so you’ll follow it for a bit and then life happens and the since the diet is not flexible, you find yourself back at square one. The solution is not found in a diet, a pill, a juice or a detox. It’s adapting lifestyle changes, so it’s time to walk away from the diets no matter how flashy the promises.

Perfection Doesn’t Exist Let go of the pressure you put on yourself to “be good” and “eat clean” all the time. This mindset teeters on the edge of eating disorders since you’ll beat yourself up for making even the smallest slip up. If you enjoy nutritious food most of the day and then have ice cream for dessert, it doesn’t mean you’ve messed up.

Forget the F*$!*-ing Scale The scale provides nothing but how much your entire body weighs including how much fat, muscle and water you have. It will change from every hour just due the internal processes and digestion happening in your body. It’s a great measurement tool but not every day! Just get off of it. Trust me.

Break The Stupid Rules Remove all the rules you’ve created for yourself or have been fed from outside sources about what you can/can’t, should/shouldn’t eat. There are general principals for nutrition that are healthy to follow but there are no rules. If you’ve been trying to only eat carbs at 7:00pm and never allow dairy to touch your mouth because someone told you it would magically make you lose weight – stop it, they lied to you. Start by adding real food to your daily meals, drinking water and getting up to walk as much as possible.

Be Patient and Kind with Yourself The process of getting healthier takes time no matter what so trying to rush it only leads to frustration and binge cycles. You’re going to struggle at times, you’re going to fumble – and that’s okay – just be kind with yourself. Figure out what caused you to falter and then get back on track.


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