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  • Lisa Kelly

The Awesome Power of Small Goals

Having big, scary goals is great - they take you out of your comfort zone and teach you a lot about yourself. But when it comes to health and fitness, the biggest successes my clients have come from setting the smallest of goals.

When we think of getting health and fit, we tend to think of completely overhauling our lives - eating differently, changing our schedules -.....these are huge tasks and can quickly overwhelm anyone.

This is why it's time to discover the crazy power of small goals!

You can take your big, scary goal of ...let's say...losing 30 pounds and getting healthy and break it down to the smallest action step you can take.

I mean so small it seems silly!

Instead of all your focus being on losing 30 pounds right away and changing everything you do --- you'll start with drinking two bottles of water a day.

Once that's a strong habit, you can add something else - such as eating more vegetables with dinner. Then a few push-ups a day, a walk outside etc....

Before you know it, you'll be eating well, staying hydrated and working out three days a week!

Of course it always sounds easier said than done - but this format is so much better than having one huge goal since it helps you build strong habits that become a sustainable lifestyle.

Here's an example of breaking down the goal of having better nutrition habits:

Main Goal: Better Nutrition Habits

Breakdown: Action Step 1: Drink 3 bottles of water every day Action Step 2 (starts when you have made action step 1 a habit): Have vegetables with every dinner Action Step 3 (starts when steps 1 and 2 are habits): Add lean protein to every lunch and dinner

The important thing to remember is, it does not matter how long it takes you to move from one step to the next. What matters is that you commit to one small change and then add the next. This method ensures you don't overwhelm yourself and you can stay consistent with you new habits.

Want to discuss how to break down your goals into small actions? I'd love to talk! Reach out through social media or email me at


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