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  • Lisa Kelly

Find the Magic in the Mess

This is for anyone who is feeling frustrated with their progress - anyone who is questioning the process and feeling like they are not seeing the results they should for the time and effort they are putting in.

This is for you.

Read and listen.

This is frigging hard. This journey, path, goal - whatever you call it or describe it for yourself -- it's challenging and hard.

Harder mentally then it ever is physically.

It plays with your mindset. You'll have days where you feel unstoppable - you're on top of your game and more motivated then ever.

And then there are other days where you are beyond tired, feeling blah and your so called motivation is replaced with indifference.

Your good days will have you feeling lean and light. You'll master every move and resist every temptation.

But then other days you'll feel heavy and bloated. You'll struggle with basic coordination and eat a bag of Doritos and a box of cookies.

That is the process. That is life. That is what it is to be human and beautifully flawed.

Results don't come without challenge. No victory is ever won in a straight line. It's hard, it's filled with bumps and even some big ass mountains.

So you can't rush it and you can't expect perfection.

Everyone who chooses to walk the path of self improvement will face all of the above. Myself included. You are not alone.

Remove the idea of perfection and replace it with the idea of consistency. Keep getting back on track - no matter what. Accept that this will be messy and bumpy - and you can be consistent.

You can recover from any setback or failure.

What you cannot recover from is quitting. I promise that as long as you don't quit, you will succeed.

Your success lies in your ability to keep on keeping on! Especially when you think you are not making progress.

When you can shake yourself off and get back on track after being human and flawed -- that's where the magic is. That's where results will be carved out of the tireless efforts to keep going.

You have what you need within you to succeed! If you're struggling, reach out -


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