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  • Lisa Kelly

A Day on My Plate: Balancing Health and Comfort with Food

As a personal trainer, I believe that healthy eating is as important as physical activity.

BUT… that doesn't mean sacrificing the joy of eating or indulging in the foods we love.

In fact, finding the right balance between nourishment and enjoyment is what makes a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle.

Join me as I take you through a day on my plate, where I showcase how I fuel my body with nutritious choices while savoring every bite.

This is proof that I don’t eat like a rabbit or starve myself. You won’t find any dang kale. There’s probably too much cheese. And I always, always have room for peanut butter and iced coffee (but not together, cause that would be gross…)

Breakfast: Energizing Start

My mornings kick off with a hearty and energizing breakfast. I whip up a bowl of Greek yogurt topped with a medley of fresh berries, a sprinkle of granola for crunch, and a drizzle of honey. This combination provides a satisfying blend of protein, fiber, and antioxidants, giving me the fuel I need to power through my morning workouts and tasks.

Mid-Morning Snack: Nourishing Sustenance Around mid-morning, if I am hungry (not every day), I reach for a snack that keeps me satiated without weighing me down. An apple paired with a tablespoon of peanut butter is my go-to choice. The natural sugars from the apple provide a quick pick-me-up, while the healthy fats in peanut butter keep my energy levels stable until lunchtime.

Lunch: #NoSadSalads

Lunch is where I get creative with a nutrient-packed salad. A bed of mixed greens serves as the canvas for a rainbow of veggies – bell peppers, cucumbers, carrots, and cherry tomatoes. I toss in some grilled chicken for protein and sprinkle on a handful of nuts for an added crunch. A light vinaigrette dressing ties everything together, making for a satisfying and delicious midday meal.

Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Balanced Indulgence Afternoon cravings call for a balanced indulgence that satisfies my sweet tooth without derailing my healthy eating goals. I reach for a handful of almonds and string cheese. It offers a create balance and satisfies my need for crunch.

Dinner: Nutrient-Rich Comfort

For dinner, I opt for a comforting and nutrient-rich dish. A favourite is a serving of pasta with a big side salad and a piece of garlic bread. It’s hearty enough to keep me happy and offers so much flavour!

Evening Treat: Savoury No day is complete without a treat to savour. If I’m feeling like I want a snack after dinner, my favourite is popcorn and I add siracha seasoning.

Remember, a day on your plate should reflect your individual preferences and needs. Balancing healthy choices with foods you love is the key to sustainable eating habits. By nourishing your body with nutrient-dense options and allowing yourself occasional indulgences, you can create a healthy relationship with food that enhances your overall well-being.

So, embrace the joy of eating, experiment with flavors, and celebrate the journey of nourishing yourself from the inside out. Here's to a life of health, happiness, and delicious eating!

And I'm always up for talking about food, so reach out anytime!


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