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  • Lisa Kelly

Food Mindset Matters

The way you think about food matters since it will drive your habits around food.

Annnnd....history has shown us, if we have negative thoughts about something, chances are high that our habits around that thing are negative too.

For many people, feeling comfortable with food choices is a daily battle and is usually tied to a lot of stress, guilt and shame. It can take a lot of work to unravel that, but it's not possible!

A common theme I see with clients who have a negative food mindset, is they have labelled many foods as "good" or "bad". This food mindset gives away so much of your power!

It makes bad foods out to be this kind of forbidden fruit, which sets us up for a variety of disordered eating.

We also become attached to these labels by connecting them to our self worth...

When you’re eating foods you’ve deemed ‘good’, you feel good about yourself. You view yourself as a "good" person...a disciplined person.... And when you eat the foods you labelled as "bad" out! You're a bad person, you can't get anything right!

And on and on it goes!

Here's what you can start to do instead, to shift your food mindset to a more positive space:

  • Ditch the good/bad labels and look at your food as either More Nourishing or Not-So-Nourishing. You can eat the not so nourishing foods, but less of them! Pay attention to how certain foods make you feel - those that make you feel guilt, bloating or cause digestion issues, are the ones you want less of.

  • Eat in the present moment. When you're eating, pay attention. Look at your food, take in the smell and the taste. Basically, slow down! You'll enjoy your food more and you'll be more aware of how you're feeling -- this helps you stop before you become stuffed!

  • The good old 80/20 rule. So, for example, if you went out for lunch and enjoyed a meal that was less optimal, you just make sure that your next meal contains foods that are more optimal. It's great for creating some balance to your eating.

Take back control around food, it's a great first step when you're on this journey! If you need support, I am happy to walk this path with you!


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