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  • Lisa Kelly

Free Challenge + Download: Refire 5 Day Energy Challenge

In following last month’s theme of meal prep, I thought it would be perfect to have Energy as July’s theme! If you leveled up your meal prep game and are eating better then you’re probably experiencing better energy too so let’s keep that ball rolling with a month full of tips and tricks to keep boosting your energy!

Fact: Most of us have gotten so used to feeling tired that we think it’s normal.

Studies show that we feel tired at least three days a week, and some of us even feel tired every day.

But… it’s not meant to be that way. You deserve to live a vibrant, energetic life!

The great news is, you actually do have a lot more control over your energy than you might think!

And being more intentional about your energy levels is what gives you full control. This means getting up and moving around more on a daily basis, finding foods that make you more energized and improving your self talk.

How have your energy levels been lately? Want to give them a boost?

This month you’ll get:

  • Action items to implement that will help you increase your energy levels

  • Tips on how to move and what to eat to get energized

  • Posts and blogs to educate you on how to take control of your overall energy

  • Plus a FREE 5 Day Energy Challenge on the Refire Strong Facebook Group with free guide book!

During this challenge, we are going to double down on the most effective ways you can level up your energy (and the quality of your days!).

You’ll be amazed at what a difference these action steps can make.

How The Challenge Works:

→ The challenge will start on July 11th! First, download your 5 Day Energy Challenge Guide (see below). It outlines everything you need to know about the “quick steps” we’ll be following throughout this challenge to help you create energy from the inside out.

Refire 5-Day Energy Challenge
Download PDF • 22.64MB

→ Next, be sure to join Refire Strong Facebook Group. You’ll get support & coaching – and you’ll also be able to connect with other amazing people participating in the challenge. Join the group here <<

→ Read the book and print out your Daily Cheat Sheet (located at the end of the guide).

→ Every morning during the 5-day challenge (July 11-15), check the Refire Strong Facebook Group for that day’s “quick step” deep dive.

Fill out your cheat sheet every day to track how the day went.

Post in the Facebook group and let me know how you are doing!

Are you in?

Fuel Your Fire!


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