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  • Lisa Kelly

Free: Goal Getting + Habit Tracking Workbook

Hello February! This month is all about healthy habits and setting goals.

If you think that means I’m going to share quick and easy tips to build habits…you’d be right!

Most of us can set goals and want healthy habits but the harder part is the follow through! That’s why I’ve been working hard on a new tool to help you turn your goals into reality.

It’s my Goal Getting + Habit Tracking Workbook and I’m providing it for free!

This workbook will guide you through zeroing in what matters most to you this year. It goes beyond just health and fitness to help you create a month-by-action plan (complete with checklists) to move you toward success.

And if you’ve been following me for awhile, you’ll know how much I believe in starting where you are with what you have so of course this guide helps you start where you are today – and builds momentum over time, as you master new skills, habits, and routines.

This can help you create a lifestyle that truly supports your success!

All month I’ll be sharing tips to create habits that stick and get you to your goals be sure to join me every day. This includes a free, live webinar on Healthy Habits with me virtually via Zoom!

Are you ready to kick some butt in 2022?

Download your copy of the Refire Goal Getting + Habit Stacking Action Plan:

Refire Goal + Habit Stacking Action Plan
Download PDF • 3.72MB


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