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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Gift Ideas for Everyone!

Need a few creative and healthy gift ideas? A few clients asked me for some suggestions, so I figured I’d share them with you, too, in case they’re helpful.

1. Cookbooks (or other books):

What books had the biggest impact on you this year? Share them with your friends and family.

TIP: Make it even more meaningful by including a note about the book and why you chose it for them.

Also, you can give a gift by sharing the Lazy but Healthy Cookbook by Refire Fitness! (hint, hint)

2. Home Fitness Gear:

New fitness toys and gadgets can help make workouts even more fun!

Depending on your budget, the sky's the limit with this category! Some top choices: adjustable kettlebells and dumbbells … a good quality jump rope … a suspension trainer … or a personalized yoga mat.

And … you can never go wrong with a soft sweatshirt to slip on after a workout. You can scoop a Refire Fitness one and give the gift of sass and comfort in one! Shop Here

3. Healthy Food & Drinks:

Treat your coffee-loving friend to a superfood latte mix … your busy buddy to a free delivery of a food delivery subscription box … or assemble a DIY gift basket of your favorite recipe and all the ingredients.

4. Recovery Tools:

Help them soothe those hard-working muscles with a gift certificate for a massage ... or buy them a massage gun.

Another great idea: a good-quality foam roller or “the stick.”

5. Quality Coaching and Training!

This is the ultimate fitness and wellness gift. Gifting a gift certificate to personal training or coaching can help them get started on the right foot and learning the best methods for their goals. And wouldn’t you know it…Refire Fitness has gift certificates available! Email me to get yours

Despite my sad sales attempts above, I do hope this list offered some inspiration on how you could support those with health and fitness goals on your list this holiday season! Oh heck, maybe inspired you to gift yourself something healthy 😊


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