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  • Lisa Kelly

Make Health and Fitness Suck Less: A Glimpse into My Favourite Things

A long time ago…I struggled to build any kind of consistency with taking care of myself. It involved many failed attempts to force myself to commit to things I really didn’t enjoy such as…intense workouts, strict diets, physical activity I despised and eating foods that tasted awful.

It took years for me to come to the realization that I could make this health stuff suck a whole lot less if I stopped forcing the stuff I hated and instead looked for the stuff I actually liked that just so happened to be good for me!

I firmly believe that the journey to wellness should be an enjoyable one! Finding joy in the small things is a motto I live by and has really contributed to how much I actually enjoy doing the things my mind and body need me to do.

I thought I’d be nice and share some of my favourite things that keep me motivated, energized, and excited about maintaining a balanced and active lifestyle. (And FYI, all of these are my opinions, no sponsors – everything listed here, I actually use!)

Favorite Snack: I am forever a snacker at heart! Also, I’m always hungry so snacks keep me pretty happy! When it comes to snacking, I'm all about balance and nourishment. One of my absolute favorite go-to snacks is a handful of mixed nuts and string cheese (cause obviously I’m a giant child at heart). It's the perfect blend of healthy fats and protein that satisfies my cravings while keeping me on track.

Favorite Breakfast: Starting my day with food that I enjoy really sets the tone! I love fruit, especially berries so a fav go-to of mine is mixing my powdered collagen (which is great for muscle recovery and joint health) into my high protein greek yogurt (Oikos is a brand I opt for). Then I like to top it with whatever berries I have one hand (usually raspberries and blackberries – fibre baby!). I also like to add granola for crunch and usually use Kind Cinnamin Oat with Flax since it has the benefit of healthy fat. It's a wholesome combination of protein, complex carbs, antioxidants, and fibre that gives me sustained energy for the day ahead.

Favorite Lunch: For lunch, I love creating colorful and nutrient-packed salads. No #sadsalads here at Refire! I love using sweet butter lettuce and then whatever veggies I have on hand (most of the time this is cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes). I also like to then bulk it up with a protein and a fav is deli turkey meat. And if you know me, you know I like spicy food so I usually add jalapeno stuffed olives and cheese of some kind. My all-time favourite thing to use as dressing on my salad is salsa! Trust me, just try it!

Favorite Dinner: Dinnertime is family time for us, so I try to appease a variety of tastes here, but still won’t sacrifice nutrients! But a favorite of mine is stuffed peppers with a side of rice and salad. It lets me custom stuff the peppers to a certain degree – this keeps the complaining to a minimum (though never non-existent 😊).

Favorite Workout Equipment: This one is hard, as I have several favs! But if I must pick one, right now, my bestie is my BellaBooty strap. It lets me do hip trusts with heavy dumbbells without using a barbell. It’s also versatile and I can use it to do squats or other heavy lifting moves. It’s a space saver!

Favorite Workout Gear: Comfort and functionality are key when it comes to workout gear for me. I adore my Under Armour compression leggings that have a….get this…POCKET 😊! Plus, I have several of them in pretty colours and that always improves the workout!

Favorite Protein Powder: After a strenuous workout, refueling with protein is crucial for muscle recovery. My favorite protein powder is from Vega (I like the vanilla bean flavour) – it’s a plant-based blend that provides all the essential amino acids and really easy on my stomach. I often blend it into a post-workout smoothie with almond milk, a banana, and a spoonful of peanut butter for an irresistible treat.

Favorite Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is paramount, and my trusty water bottle is always by my side. I prefer a large one so I drink more and refill less – because…lazy. My preference is for Blender Bottles since they pretty rugged (I am not gentle) and usually have a carrying loop. And again, I opt for pretty colours so it’s more fun!

Favorite Shoes: The right pair of shoes can make or break a workout. I opt for comfort over anything else when it comes to my workout shoes and a fav of mine is my Charged Rogues by Under Armour (seriously, if ya could sponsor me?!). I can lift weights, kickbox and run in these with complete comfort.

I highly recommend finding your favs in these categories and you’ll find being healthy consists of less suck! Embracing a healthy lifestyle is not just about hitting the gym; it's about finding joy in every aspect of the journey.

I’m available to assist you discover what will make you hate this process less, reach out any time!


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