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  • Lisa Kelly

My Day on a Plate

I've been asked to share what a day of eating looks like for me. Keep in mind - your nutrition is specific to you and we all need different things. This is just an example that can help inspire you!

6:30am Breakfast -- I eat after my 5:30am workout because my stomach can't handle eating first.

I've tried, but it makes my stomach upset. So after my workout, I usually make a smoothie for breakfast. (I try not to eat the same thing everyday so I will switch it up sometimes - I'll also eat scrambled eggs, fibre cereal or yogurt and fruit).

10:30am Snack -- I stick with protein packed snacks and it varies on how hungry I feel (I'll have something small if I'm not really hungry just so that I'm not running on empty until lunch). The usual snacks are almonds, a hard boiled egg, banana, apple or a yogurt.

12:00pm Lunch -- I keep my lunches on the lighter side and always include protein. I meal prep a lot so lunches are usually done and packed for the week. My favourites are my DIY deli boxes, chicken and sweet potatoes, tuna on salads and left overs from dinner the night before!

3:00pm Snack -- I usually need something to munch on to get me to dinner and I tend to keep my

afternoon snack to veggies. I'll have a variety of veggies and usually have them with hummus. 5:00pm Dinner -- I like to pack my dinner with veggies as well so that I know I'm getting nutrients. Dinners are usually a lean meat like chicken or pork with a salad and side dish like rice. But this is the meal I eat with my family so I will also relax a bit and enjoy some of their favourites like spaghetti (I just manage my portions and eat it with a salad on the side).

8:00pm Snack -- I go on how I feel and if I'm feeling like I need a snack at this point in the day then I have one! I keep it portion controlled though since I can't trust myself (LOL). I'll have popcorn, grapes, cheese and crackers or slice up an apple with peanut butter.

It took me awhile to get to know my body and what it needs when it comes to food. If I try to wing it too much, I find that I under eat and leave myself starving at the end of the day. I think the most important thing to start with is creating an eating pattern for yourself - like the pattern I have above. This works for me and makes it easy for me to plan and meal prep for the week.

What does your daily eating look like? Do you need to create a pattern?


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