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  • Lisa Kelly

No Stress Nutrition Tips

I prefer simple and effective when it comes to nutrition.

If I over-complicate it, I get frustrated and lose interest.

There really isn’t one “diet” (hate that word) out there I would promote or encourage besides a real food approach.

I’m not knocking any of them – if it’s something you have to follow and it’s working without causing you harm, then more power to you!

But from what I can see, most of them are strict, a lot of work and not maintainable for long term.

It’s important for me to feel strong, lean and to enjoy my life – which means I don’t want to always be measuring my food, counting calories or trying to make elaborate meals.

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

Here’s some simple but effective nutrition advice (no fad diets or complicated rules) to work as a stepping stone for healthy changes:

  • Start With Actual Food When you decide to start making some changes to your nutrition, a perfect and easy starting point is to actually eat more REAL food. Real food is fresh – not packaged or processed (you can find a lot of it on the outside of the aisles of grocery stores). Instead of buying chips or crackers to snack on, buy fresh veggies with a favourite dip. Instead of buying cereal for breakfasts, buy eggs so you can prepare hard boiled eggs or have scrambled eggs.

  • Pay Attention to Your Portions Overeating tends to happen when we eat out of boxes or bags and fill our plates up for second helping. Use small bowls to portion snacks instead of the whole package and use normal sized plates for your meals and then do not exceed the size of your plate. You should see some white space on your plate and vegetables should take up the most space!

  • Eat Breakfast with Protein If you’re struggling with weight loss, it is usually from overeating carbs and under-eating protein. Fuel your day right by racking up the protein right away! This helps your body wake up, get focused and optimizes hormone balance.

You don't need to learn a new language or to buy special ingredients to make positive changes to your nutrition. Even easy and quick changes like this will revamp your nutrition in no time!

Do you need to simplify your nutrition approach? Reach out, I love talking about food :)


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