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  • Lisa Kelly

Real Life Ways to Make Time for Fitness

If we're honest with ourselves, most of us are in denial about our health. I used to believe that I did not have time for working out or preparing my meals in advance. But I did have time for social events, tv, social media and a bunch of other time wasters.

The truth was the time wasters were easier - they did not come with me having to face any mental barriers such as fear, self-esteem, motivation and getting uncomfortable --- like focusing on my fitness would. Focusing on fitness would mean getting sore, tired and even failing many times before having any success.

So no matter what we tell ourselves the excuse is - for most of us it boils down to time management and fear. We put other things first over our health and we fear failure, we fear we'll get hurt or take a hit to our self-esteem. But the real fear should be what not taking care of ourselves physically can mean! It means we better figure out how to make time for serious doctor appointments, how to deal with losing mobility and the cost of high ticket medications. Either make the time now for your health or it will fail you terribly and force you to make time for it through serious illness and/or injury!

To help you get started, here's a list of actual ways you can make time for your fitness:

Schedule It Before it can become a habit, you might have to force it! Just like you schedule other events in your life, plug time for fitness into your schedule/calendar and treat it as important as anything else on your schedule.

Find Ten Minutes Again, before it can become a habit - force it in baby steps! Forget about trying to get yourself to devote an hour or more to a workout. Instead, for the first two weeks, find 10 minutes everyday to go through a few moves, walk or run. It's easier to start this way then build on it over time.

Take Social Time On-The-Go Instead of the usual meet a friend of coffee or a lunch date, change it to a to-go cup and meet a friend for a walk! I bet you have co-workers who would love to be more active and you could use your breaks for walks. This allows you to keep social events in your calendar - with a slight change!

NetFlix and Move Don't want to give up your tv time? I get it! But it's just as easy to workout while you watch tv instead of sitting on the couch. Use your tv time as time to do body weight movements, walk or lift weights - get creative!

Do it Early If you're like me, my day just gets busier as it goes on! If I didn't do most of my workouts first thing in the morning, they just wouldn't happen. I get up 30 minutes earlier than I have to and go right into a workout. Then I move on with my day! For me, it's the only way and over time I have grown to love it. It starts my day right and I feel better.

Do you struggle with making time for your fitness? I have tons more of real life ideas that could help! Reach out today!


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