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  • Lisa Kelly

Workout With Me Video: At Home Cardio

I just couldn't figure out what to blog about for June so I decided to create workouts instead and just make it a month of working out with me on the blog!

You need nothing but some water and a smile --- well maybe some clothes in case...

Follow along with the video below! The workout consists of body weight cardio moves that require barely any space. Complete all moves with me - rest and then repeat! Don't worry if you need extra breaks, just pause the video when you need too, I'll wait :)

If you want to start a routine, use this workout three days a week - but always have a rest day in between each workout day and build up to completing 4 rounds! Use your rest days to get in a brisk walk and/or a gentle yoga routine. This would build a great foundation for you to begin committing to working out regularly.


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