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  • Lisa Kelly

Announcement: Private Studio Gym Opening

Along with a new year coming up, I am working on some changes for Refire Fitness. The self-serve space in Stirling has been awesome to run but the space is no longer available after December 31st. So, I’ve had to make a few decisions!

I’ve decided to create a private studio gym in my home in Trenton. This will provide a space more in line with the vision I have for Refire Fitness. When I launched Refire, I wanted to offer highly personalized service to people looking to create sustainable and easy to follow lifestyle changes that support a balanced life. While I am currently delivering that with the online services, having a private gym space will allow me to also deliver that service in person the way I want too.

The private gym will be accessible by appointment only. You will be able to get a workout in with dedicated support and in a relaxed environment. No onlookers, no fancy bells and whistles, no intimidation! Just hard work built to suit your goals and levels that will help you create healthy habits while still enjoying life. Refire Fitness is not about restrictions, diets or impossible workouts – it is about fueling your fire both physically and mentally with sustainable changes that work for everyday life.

I am excited to have already started the build for the private space and the goal is to have it up and running by early January! Stay tuned for updates and photos along the way!

Find the service that works best for you. Here are the services offered by Refire Fitness:

Online Services – 24/7

· Online Personal Training (customized training plans – do anywhere!)

· E-Book Training Plans (download e-books with easy to follow workouts)

Local Services – By Appointment Only

· One on One Personal Training in Private Gym

· Small Group Personal Training in Private Gym

· Specialized Fitness Classes

Fuel your fire with Refire Fitness and start 2018 with strength and determination!


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