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Better Night Time Snacking

I know you're out there - night time snackers like me! I won't go into the reasons behind night time snacking (unless you actually ARE hungry) since they are so complex, we'd be here for awhile. If you'd like to work through why you snack at night, feel free to reach out!

But for this post, I'll keep it to some better choices for night time snacks - so that IF you MUST snack you'll at least have some better options than just junk!

Apple with Cinnamon One of my favs! Slice up an apple and sprinkle cinnamon on it. (I'll also eat it with peanut butter). It's sweet and crunchy so it is really satisfying.

Banana with Peanut Butter I like to slice up the banana and add a bit of peanut butter to each slice. It tastes awesome and it's sticky, so it forces you to eat slowly!


Choose a high-fibre cereal (like Kashi Go-Lean) and have a small bowl. It offers a satisfying crunch and the fibre fills you up.

Greek Yogurt It's filled with protein and it's usually creamy! It's a great snack to enjoy at night.

Cheese and Crackers Choose whole grain crackers and serve with a few slices of cheese. You'll get a great crunch and lots of flavour.

Popcorn Go for a bag of pre-popped air popped popcorn (say that three times fast!). I'll use this to replace potato chips since they are my weakness!

Are you a night time snacker? What are your go-to's?


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