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  • Lisa Kelly

Shape Your Body With Strength Training

When I talk to women about weight training, I usually get odd looks and shaking heads. Despite the proven benefits that come with lifting weights for women, many are still unsure about it and don’t ever try it out.

A lot of it has to do with fear, being intimidated and the feeling that your entering a “man’s world”. Forget that!

It’s no longer just for men, we’re taking over and one of my main goals is to bring more knowledge and power to women about the benefits of weight lifting.

It’s a shame to think that most women will never know the empowerment that comes from feeling physically strong and learning what their body can do (instead of just how it looks!).

A huge myth that keeps women from picking up weights is that they will get “bulky” or “too big”. It’s so far from the truth it drives me bonkers!

Our bodies are not made that way – it would take years of intense weight training not to mention, a huge increase in calorie intake.

Female body builders spend hours in the gym and completely change their lifestyle to look the way they do – you spending 30 minutes a few times a week lifting weights will NOT bulk you up like a man – it’s just not possible.

What it will do is give you the missing piece to losing fat, adding curves in all the right places and make you stronger in a lean and toned way.

Here are some major reasons why you should start adding weight training to your routine:

  • Your Clothes will Fit Better Than Ever Strength training with weights will change the shape of your body in a good way! It adds muscle and curves in all the right places which is perfect for filling out your clothes. Your arms will look lean and toned, your waistline will hug those jeans and your legs will fill out those leggings with lean muscle.

  • You will Burn More Calories The most magical thing about weight lifting is that your body keeps burning calories long after you’ve completed your workout (even as you sit on the couch and binge watch Netflix!). After strength training, your muscles need a whole lot of energy to repair themselves so they will torch those calories for hours after the work is done.

  • Your Bones will Get Stronger With aging, we lose a lot of bone mass – this increases your chances of suffering a break or fracture. Lifting weights increases bone mass by a great deal which keeps your bones stronger for longer instead of weak and brittle! You’ll also recover quicker from an injury should you experience one.

  • You’ll Get Results Quicker Cardio is great, but it is only one aspect of exercise. Weight training can also increase your heart rate and improve your cardiovascular health – in less time than just aerobic training. A study found that circuit training with weights raises your heart rate 15 beats per minute higher than if you ran at 60 to 70 percent of your max heart rate.

  • You Will Reduce Back Pain and Improve Posture Back pain is commonly caused from a weak core and bad posture. With weight training, you will strengthen your core, shoulders and back so you will stand taller and straighter naturally. You’ll lessen your back pain and slouch less.

  • Your Mood will Improve You will experience a flood of endorphins – which improve mood and fight depression – when you lift weights. Your body will feel strong and lean and your mind will feel proud and accomplished. All of this will help improve your day, how you handle stress and increase happiness.

I highly encourage you to add weight lifting to your life. There’s nothing like it – it makes you feel strong, unstoppable and capable.

When you tie it into a well rounded training plan with cardio, you will see results quickly. Let go of the fear that you’ll bulk up or look like a man – it’s a myth and just not going to happen.

You have what you need within you to succeed! If you're struggling, reach out -


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