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  • Lisa Kelly

Put Yourself Back on the List

In order to start to feel better, get stronger and be healthier - there is one important thing you have to do. You have to put yourself back on the list.

That to-do list you have - in your head, on paper or in your phone. That list that contains several items for other people.

You need to put yourself back on that list.

You were on it at one point. Maybe even near the top. But then, life happened and you slipped lower on the list.

Of course, life kept happening and then you slipped so far down on the list that you're not even on it anymore.

It's mind blowing how quickly we toss ourselves to the side in order to take care of everything else.

Without our health and mobility, we cannot be or do much for others and yet we are the first thing to lose priority when life gets busy.

For fitness and health to work with real life, you have to promise to put yourself back on the list and keep yourself there.

Priority number one, forever.

Will life still be busy and will schedules get shuffled? Yes.

But adapt as you need too while keeping yourself on the list. It's the only way you will see progress in your health and fitness.

It's not selfish. It's self-care and it's important.

If you want to accomplish anything on your list, it starts first with taking care of yourself. That's what makes you able to complete the other tasks.

Where are you on the list?


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