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Online Training: The Anti-Venom to Your Workout Problems

People look at me like I have three heads when I talk about online training - what do you mean I can workout with a personal trainer but not in person??? Well, let me show you how with a little break down!

(Good timing too, since I have a promotion to help you save money on Online Training until December 10th!)

Does any of this sound familiar:

  • You want to start working and being active but you have no idea where to start and the thought of walking into a gym makes you sweaty with fear...

  • You have tried signing up for training and classes but life always gets in the way - you know like needy children, a job and paying those nagging bills....

  • You spontaneously bought all the equipment you needed to workout at home after promising you start being active but that was years ago and it's just a fancy dust collection now...

Well, I got you! Online Training is your excuse anti-venom!

  • I will get your step by step plans to follow in your gym that removes any guesswork so you can strut your fine self into that gym with the confidence of a tiger (or insert motivational animal here)

  • My plans are designed to fit into your current life like butter -- so you can workout when and where is best for you all while still having needy children (they never go away), a job (sorry) and paying those nagging bills (those always never go away)

  • I will give you a plan based on that spontaneously purchased equipment and motivate you to dust it off with more excitement than Christmas morning (okay, a slight exaggeration, maybe).

You get my point, right? My online training service meets you where you are right now - tired, frustrated, confused, at the gym, at home, in your pj's doesn't ask you to change your schedule.

With online training, I start with a consultation to discover where you are in your fitness level, your goals and what resources you have (such as access to a gym or working out from home). This information allows me to build a customized workout that I send through email in a PDF format - so it can be opened on any device and printed if needed.

I am available as your trainer via phone, text message, email and video calls. I can go over your custom plan with you to ensure you understand it, I can track your progress through your updates and I can motivate you by holding you accountable for completing your workouts. You get direct access to a personal trainer at all times.

Benefits of Online Training

Follow Your Own Schedule You can do your workout program when and where is convenient for you. Your workout can even be customized to working out at home with no equipment or to a gym with many machines. This means you can workout in the morning before the kids wake up, during your lunch break, while traveling for work, at night when it's quiet, etc...the possibilities are endless and flexible!

Affordable Online training costs less than in-person training, especially if you want to have more than one session a week! A month of online training can be less than a handful of in-person training sessions a month. Your investment into your training can get more value for less.

Accountability You need to have your own motivation levels to get your workouts done, but with online training your trainer is just a click away for any support or questions you might have! You’ll get regular check ins, progress updates and feedback which can help rocket your motivation!

Communication The lines of communication can be open longer with online training as you can message your trainer anytime – this can be through text message, email, phone, video calls or more. This means you’ll get lots of one-on-one with your trainer and quick advice.

Until December 10th, save $50 on the initial enrollment cost when you sign up for Online Training - email or call/text (613) 438-0966

Visit the services section of the website for more information: Services


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