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Client Spotlight: Casey

Have a break from me telling you how fitness can work for you no matter your lifestyle and hear it from a client instead!

Meet Casey - She's a 28 year old full-time employee and is also a part-time student! She signed up for online personal training to help her fit workouts into her busy schedule. Casey had been active most of her life but found she struggled with making her health a priority once life got really busy. She is a firecracker that always checks in on time and makes me laugh with her random text messages.

Casey: "If you told me a few months ago that I would be working out on my own at home I would have laughed! I always figured that I needed to go into a gym to workout otherwise it wasn't really a workout.

But with long work hours and longer studying hours, I was putting my health on the back burner and I could feel it catching up to me. I was always tired, sluggish and suffered from a lot of stomach issues. I ate whatever I could grab on the go and binged on junk food while studying long into the night. It was bad.. I avoided mirrors at all costs, I didn't want to see myself.

I remember following Refire Fitness on Instagram for months before I ever messaged Lisa. It was her dog that caught my eye, not going to lie! But after seeing her posts on real life health and fitness, how she made it seem so uncomplicated... I sent her a message to see if she thought I could get fit with my schedule (I also really, really liked that she was so relatable, you know.. for a trainer!).

We chatted back and forth and she recommended online training. I was so skeptical, how in the world would I stay on track if I wasn't going to a gym! Lisa was great, she explained how the training would work and how accessible she would be to me. My first month of training was a struggle, I fought the process every step of the way. Lisa probably wanted to smack me but she never made me feel bad. She kept me accountable and really increased my confidence.

It's been almost 5 months and I got this now! My workouts are done in my living room on days that work for me and I have created great habits that keep me on track. I love the workouts and how easy Lisa is to talk too. She provided me with inspiration, advice and a support system I was always missing!!!"

Do you want to share your story? Are you ready to start making progress? Reach out!


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