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Client Spotlight: Gail

Have a break from me telling you how fitness can work for you no matter your lifestyle and hear it from a client instead!

Meet Gail - She's a mom and Real Estate extraordinaire! Plus, a list of many, many other roles! When she contacted me, she was focused on improving her running as she had planned to complete marathons (yes, that is plural!). She has shown up for every session ready to work and rarely complains (out loud anyways). I love working with her and her daughter - they are a small but mighty duo who inspire me every time we meet!

Gail: " I started working with Lisa to improve my strength and stability.

Lisa was a perfect fit for me and my daughter. She listened to my goals and geared my training for that, she was also willing to meet us in the early morning. Any new exercises, Lisa demonstrates and explains the muscles groups that we are working.

Though it can be a slow start at 5:45 am, I enjoy the fuel it gives me for the rest of the day. The greatest change that I have noticed since training is the strength I feel in my body.

I also love, that this has given my daughter a good foundation for strength training. "

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