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  • Lisa Kelly

Feeling Good During the Holidays

How do you manage your health and fitness around the holidays?

You keep it focused to one day and one habit at a time. Your schedule might get a little busier and you might find yourself around more food and drink than usual - but that is all it has to be. Your habits can still be in place and working for you.

1. Stay Hydrated

Keep this habit going no matter the day - especially if you're indulging a bit more on food and drinking alcohol. Make sure you drink enough water everyday - it helps with bloating and overall feelings of wellness.

2. Keep Your Workouts a Priority

Take a look at your holiday schedule ahead of time and schedule in your workouts. With lots of events to attend, you might have to get creative with when and where you do your workouts but you can still make sure they happen.

3. Know That it is Okay to Enjoy the Season

This is one time a year and you are allowed to enjoy yourself. There's nothing wrong with some extra tasty food. The worst thing to do is to avoid get together's or restrict yourself to the point of being miserable. The most important thing is to be present and mindful so that you are taking the time to really savour the moments.

4. Keep the Fresh Stuff

Help your body manage the extra treats by also getting in the nourishing stuff. Keep your vegetable and fruit intake high and a good level of protein. This will help you go through the holidays enjoying yourself and feeling good - limiting bloating and upset digestive systems!

Need help implementing some of these tips? Refire Fitness can help! Reach out today! 


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