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  • Lisa Kelly

Future Proof Your Body

If getting fit and healthy for the present doesn’t inspire you, how about for your future?

What you do now for your body can help offset a range of aging issues! A simple 30 minutes of exercise a day can help offset osteoporosis, keep muscle mass, sustain your natural range of motion, limit back pain, lower risk of heart issues – just to name a few!

Those 30 minutes do not have to (and should not) be the same every day. The best thing for your body and mind is to mix it up!

Here are some ways you can spend those 30 minutes to future proof your body:

1. Strength training

Weightlifting is your friend people – I will forever repeat this! We lose muscle as we age and you should care, because muscle does more than look pretty! Muscles help you move, stay lean and it protects vital organs. Use at least 3 of your 30 minute time slots a week for strength training.

2. Yoga / Stretching

If you sit all day at work and then sit all evening at home, you are neglecting your mobility and you will pay for that in the future! A good way to care for your mobility is to stretch and stay somewhat flexible. Yoga can be a great way to do this! It’s important to stretch as it will make you more resistant to injury as you age. One of the biggest mistakes many of us make throughout our 20’s and 30’s is neglecting mobility. Also, yoga is great for the mind and spirit – it will keep you young!

3. Low Intensity Cardio 

Contrary to what you might hear – cardio is not all about going at an insane pace. Slow and steady can win the race for health too! Going for a brisk stroll, bike ride or swim can help you burn fat, stay lean, build heart health and lower stress levels.

4. Hydrate 

A hydrated body is an optimal state of health – it means your body is primed to flush out anything toxic, reduce inflammations, improve digest and keep joints lubricated. If you want long and lasting health – water is your go to source!

5. Eat a balanced diet

Nothing complicated – no crazy rules or weird juices – just real food. You can balance the good stuff with some “comfort” food of choice, but in moderation. If you’re eating out all the time or mostly processed food – your diet is not balanced and you are missing vital nutrients! Balance our your diet and this will improve your immune system, how you age and how your body heals itself from any damage or injury.

Need help implementing some of these tips? Refire Fitness can help! Reach out today! 


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