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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Habit #1: Move More

Welcome October! This month I wanted to use the blog to share some tips and tricks on implementing healthy habits. So all month, I'll be bringing you content around that with a focus on the top 4 (in my humble opinion) healthy habits. There are of course, a lot more than 4, but this is a good place to start!

Healthy Habit #1 is to More More.

That's right, get off your rump.

Even with your best one liner or excuse to convince me otherwise, we both know that your body was made to move!

Our bodies want us to move. We have limbs that are built for doing things and we have a brain that releases all kinds of awesome chemicals when we move. (Don't get me wrong, a day here and there of relaxing or resting when sick does a body good but that's not what we're talking about here!).

You may have noticed that if you spend the day sitting, staying in one place or lounging around you somehow feel exhausted and fatigued and your brain is foggy. Your body might be stiff and tight and your mood tends to be low. (Don't get me wrong, a day here and there of relaxing or resting when sick does a body good!).

That's because when you are inactive for a long period of time your body will have trouble getting things going including your joints, brain and digestion. This can leave you feeling stiff, groggy and heavy.

You don't have to jump into hour long workouts for this healthy habit. You can easily just add movement throughout your day and your body will be thankful!

Here's some great ways to build on this habit:

*Just stand more during the day (set a timer for yourself to stand/walk around every 30 minutes or so).

*Park as far away as you can (unless you have a medical reason, there's no reason you always have to pick the closest spot!).

*Walk! Going for a walk is so underrated. It's free and if you dress appropriately, it can be done in any weather.

*Dance more - crank the tunes and throw some quick dance parties during the day!

*Stretch when you get out of bed and stretch before getting into the bed.

Working on this habit will do wonders for your mind and body. Just moving a little bit more everyday is an excellent way to build this habit!

What does your daily movement look like? Are you up for building this habit?


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