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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Habit #2: Drink Up!

Last week we covered the healthy habit of moving more. This week, we're drinking baby!

Healthy Habit #2 is to Drink Up!

Well, water that is.

Sorry to rain on the party!

This is a habit that doesn't take much to get started with, you just gotta do it.

Drinking enough water daily has a huge impact on how you will feel everyday. Being hydrated is responsible for improving your digestion, reducing bloating, decreasing the amount of headaches you get, helping you feel alert, improving your skin and making you feel less hungry. And that's just a quick list of benefits.

If you choose only one habit to pick up this month, I hope it's this one! It doesn't require any special equipment, energy or time and you'll feel the affects of it almost right away.

Some tips to get this habit going for yourself:

  • Carry around a reusable water bottle with you no matter where you go all day and keep refilling it. (I find that if it's in front of me, I'm more likely to drink it!)

  • Add drinking water to habits you already do (example: wake up - drink water, have breakfast - drink water, brush teeth - drink water etc....)

  • Eat more fruits and veggies (their water counts as towards your water intake!)

  • Use an alarm - use your phone or an app as an alarm to remind you to drink up!

Are you hydrated? Are you up for this habit?


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