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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Habit #3: Eat Fresh

We're diving into a heftier habit now! This is about nutrition and it's one a lot of us have trouble with...

Healthy Habit #3 is to Eat Fresh

This just means to eat more fresh food than processed food.

Which is easier said than done, but not impossible!

There's a lot of good that your brain and body gets from real food like fruits, veggies and lean protein. It may not always be as convenient as store bought or drive through, but it does offer a ton more nutrients!

When you add more fresh food to your days, you body will have an easier time processing it through your digestion, you'll feel lighter overall and your body will use the nutrients it gets from that food to fuel your body and it's systems instead of just hanging on to empty calories it has no use for.

Some tips to get this habit going for yourself:

  • Make it grab and go! I eat more fruits and veggies when they are chopped, peeled and ready for me to grab so I make sure to keep portions ready to take!

  • Batch cool your lean proteins - instead of being too tired to cook chicken or fish on a busy week night, batch cook portions on a Sunday so you just need to re-heat!

  • Add to what you already eat - it can be easier to add than to take away so if you don't want to stop your McDonald's lunch - add something fresh to it such as a side of veggies and dip or an apple, yogurt etc....

Do you struggle with this habit? Are you ready to eat fresh?!


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