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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Habit #4: Fill Your Cup

We're ending the month with a habit focused on mindset and self care because the inner health is just as important as the outer!

Healthy Habit #4 is to Fill Your Cup

Let me know if you've ever had this experience...

You're living each day in a rut and that rut ends up stretching for days, weeks, months...even years.

You feel like you can't keep up with everything you have to juggle and frustration is building up internally. You can't seem to handle change or stress well and small things can ruin your day.

These are all signs that it's time to focus on yourself more. You're missing joy in life and your mind and body are screaming at you to take a step back.

In order to be all that we need to be for others, we must take time for ourselves. This can be a hard habit for a lot of us because we tend to put so many people and tasks as priorities. But like that old saying - you can't pour from an empty cup!

Some tips to get this habit going for yourself:

  • Schedule in appointments for things you love during your week just like you schedule other responsibilities. And you can't cancel on yourself either!

  • Sign up for a hobby or event that you love that is reoccurring so it is regular time for you!

  • Talk to friends and family about what you need and that their support would mean they get the best version of you!

Do you struggle with this habit? What do you need to fill your cup?


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