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  • Lisa Kelly

If You Wait, You'll Have to Work Harder

“I'll just start after the holidays ..."

Have you ever said that to yourself?

Someone just told me this … right after we spent the last 30 minutes talking about her goals and why they are so important to her.

I learned a long time ago that this classic “either-or” thinking does very little to help you reach any of your goals. Because with either-or thinking, you’re either all in or you are all out.

And let’s be real… If you are going to “wait until the new year” to get started on your goals – goals that are important to you right now you’re setting yourself up for a harder journey.

Your pants will fit tighter. You’ll be more tired and bloated, and even more’ll wish you had done something (anything!) to stay on track during the holidays.

And given the fact that less than 10% of people achieve their New Year goals …starting where you are with what you have is the best way to start and gets you closer to those goals.

I say this with love because I’ve heard so many clients tell me they’d wished they’d gotten started sooner.

Your future self in January will thank you for it.

And you know what?

You’ll get even more enjoyment out of the holidays while you’re working towards your goals because you’ll feel more rested, more resilient, happier and healthier.

I hope you go into this holiday season keeping yourself and your health high on your priority list!

If you have a goal to get strong and healthy, why wait?! Start now, where you are!


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