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  • Lisa Kelly

Manage Stress, Manage Hormones!

I get it, life is stressful so how the heck to manage that?!

Some stress is good for us - keeps our systems on low alert and keeps us motivated. But high, chronic stress…not good and that’s what you want to try to manage.

It’s most important to balance your levels of stress hormones, especially cortisol and adrenaline. The latter is the stress hormone that’s released during the “fight or flight” response when your brain considers itself under threat.

In the past, these triggers were genuinely of the life or death variety but these days, our “threats” are a lot more mundane and a byproduct of modern life.

Unfortunately, this means that stress hormones can be high most of the time and that’s seriously bad news for health and weight. Diabetes, heart disease and even cancer are all linked to inflammation from chronically high stress levels so it’s definitely something you want to keep in balance!

The good news is you can bring stress hormones in line by taking steps to reduce your stress levels. Some ways to do that:

  • Meditation (calmness, quiet time)

  • Mindfulness (staying in the present moment)

  • Journaling (get it out of your head and onto paper/screen)

  • Yoga (gentle movement)

  • Massage (relaxing for mind and body)

What will you be doing to keep stress levels in check and balance stress hormones?

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