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  • Lisa Kelly

Meal Prep Recipe: Snacks to Go

This month, I've given you a meal prep recipe for breakfast, lunch and dinner on the blog so it cap it off, I can't not include one for snacks! (Snackers unite!).

It's not so much a recipe but a method to use! If I have healthy snacks that are grab and go ready, then it makes it that much easier for me to eat better during the week.

Here are some of my favourite snacks to have ready:

  • Anything Veggie!: I have them cut, peeled and diced so it's easy to take them with me or add them into anything. The best is to pair them with cheese or a light dip (because....well...cheese and dip!). Such as : Cucumber slices + BabyBel cheese Baby carrots + Marble cheese Sliced bell peppers + Humus

  • Anything Fruit!: Again, I have these easy to grab - cut, peeled and chopped if needed. I'll usually eat my fruit as a stand alone snack or pair it with some nuts for a healthy fat. But no fruit is off limited.....oranges, strawberries, raspberries, grapes - mixed with some trail mix = perfection!

  • Protein Packed: Making sure you get protein in your diet is important for energy and muscles, so adding it to your snacks makes it all that much easier! Here are combos I love: Greek Yogurt + fruit Banada + peanut butter Cheese string + nuts Hard boiled eggs

Are you a snacker who will use these? Let me know!


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