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  • Lisa Kelly

My Pre-Workout Routine

I get asked about my pre-workout routine a lot so I figured I’d walk you through exactly what I do!

The good news is that it’s actually a lot less complicated than you might think!

Let’s start with the top question I get asked: “What do I eat before I work out?”

This one has two answers for me personally. If I workout first thing in the morning (which is my typical time) then I work out fasted - which means I don’t eat until after my workout. I feel better this way as eating beforehand upsets my stomach. However, if I workout later in the day, I eat an hour or so before the workout and I opt for greek yogurt with banana (or other fruit), a medium sized salad with shredded chicken. Veggie omelet or a protein smoothie.

Another super important part of my pre-workout routine (that too many people skip!) is my warmup.

My warm up usually consists of a brisk 5 minute walk on the treadmill, dynamic stretches for my lower and upper body and then some cardio bursts that include jumping jacks and walkouts. I treat my warmup as part of my workout because it actually is – it helps my cardiovascular system, muscles, and joints get ready to work!

So that’s what I do specifically before each workout. But there’s something else I am constantly working on outside of my workouts so that I can get even better results from my sessions.

As luck would have it, it also improves the quality of my day-to-day life.

It’s my lifestyle habits.

As one example, I do my best to get quality sleep to recover faster from my workouts – as well as everyday stress. Not only does it help me recover, but it also prepares me for the challenges of a new day, including my next workout.

Plus, you’ve heard that old saying, “You are what you eat.” Well, it’s spot on.

I try to get most of my body’s fuel throughout the day (not just before my workout!) from healthy whole foods and less of it from inflammation-boosting processed food and added sugars.

It’s kind of like an upward spiral instead of a downward one…. because if you’re consistent…Your workouts will help you sleep better … and also make it more likely that you’ll want to eat healthier foods, too.

I hope my own pre-workout routine helps you get even more out of yours!

Do you have a solid routine? Let me know!


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