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  • Lisa Kelly

Take Your 30 Minutes!

We all have times were certain things fall to the side and I have just such a time to share with you! It’s about when I took a six month break from meal prepping.

I was so busy with the loss of my father and taking on a caregiving role for my mother, that I thought I didn’t have time to focus on my own self care/fitness.

Actually, I wasn’t even aware enough to think about it. It just happened.

And it wasn’t long until I realized that I wasn’t eating enough and was often unprepared for the day ahead because of it.

I was so in my head and thinking about everything I needed to do that I forgot to be present – and in the process I was robbing myself of the chance to make today a great day.

It’s the classic dilemma of letting the “urgent” get in the way of the important. We all do it from time to time.

We focus on all the things we think we should do …and that usually means putting our own self-care on the backburner.

But here’s where we get it twisted: those 30 minutes you spend today taking care of yourself will make everything else in your life easier.

And it all comes down to today.

What you do today is going to impact your tomorrow.

Thirty minutes of quiet time, 30 minutes of preparing healthy meals for the week, 30 minutes of sweating it out …

It’s literally just 2% of your day.

So what’s ONE thing you can do today to prioritize your self-care?

Tomorrow, you’ll wish you did that thing today.

Whatever the first thing that popped into your head was … make it as “urgent” as all of the other things you have to do today.

Make sure you carve out some you time today!


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