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  • Lisa Kelly

The Power of Protein for Hormones

This month is all about hormones and how to get them balanced and in sync so that your body can do its thing! (And by thing, I mean run dozens of complex and delicate systems every single day - no biggie).

Your nutrition has a huge impact on your hormones and a good starting point to help your hormones out, is to eat more quality protein.

You’ve probably heard that you need protein before, but likely don’t realize how important it is for keeping your appetite in check.

**Science-y talk incoming alert…..***

  • Protein helps to control hormones that reduce your levels of a hormone called ghrelin (also known as the “hunger hormone” as it can trigger overeating).

  • Protein also encourages your body to produce hormones that keep you feeling fuller for longer, namely PYY and GLP-1.

According to studies, eating a meal that contains plenty of protein led to men experiencing a 14% and 20% increase in these hormones compared to eating a meal with a normal amount of protein. And that meant a 25% reduction in hunger too.

The same seems true for women. Eating a diet that was made up of 30% protein resulted in higher levels of the GLP-1 hormone and increased feelings of satiety compared to eating a diet with only 10% protein. It also boosted metabolism.

If you need to keep appetite hormones under control, protein is definitely going to be your friend! To get the most benefits, it’s generally recommended that you aim for 20-30g of protein at meals.

What can you eat to get to this amount? Try eggs, protein powder, chicken breast, turkey breast, fish, nuts, oats, cottage cheese, lentils, Greek yogurt, tuna, quinoa, pumpkin seeds and even broccoli.

If you've never gave much thought to how much protein you get, now's a good time to start paying attention! Try to have some protein with every meal and snack - it will add up!

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