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  • Lisa Kelly

Top 6 Kitchen Tools for Nutrition

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In the spirit of keeping things healthy, delicious, and easy… I thought I’d share with you my favourite kitchen tools. I find they make cooking and meal prepping easier!

1. Sheet Pans. Easy to use and clean! Bonus! They take one-dish meals to the next level. Just lay the ingredients out on the pan, put it in the oven, and bake.

2. Good Quality Chef Knife. Definitely worth the investment – a good knife makes all your prep work easier. TIP: wash & dry it as soon as you’re done using it (and never put it in the dishwasher).

3. Cast Iron Skillet. If you don’t have one already, get one! Don’t be put off by the extra care you might think it needs. It will become the hardest working pan you own. Plus. they are heavy so you could also get a workout while using it :)

4. Glass Storage Containers. Ditch your plastic reusable food containers. Over the long run, using glass (like Pyrex) will save you money and also eliminate any possible contamination from worn-out plastic leaching into your food.

5. Veggie Chopper. This saves tons of time! I can dice and chop veggies in half the time with this baby and makes building #nosadsalads so easy.

6. Speakers! Don’t argue with me, this IS a kitchen tool! I love listening to music or videos while getting my cook on!

So … those are my top picks. What are yours?

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