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  • Lisa Kelly

Use Exercise to Regulate Insulin

Today we’re looking at exercise and more specifically, how it can help you to keep your insulin levels at a healthy level.

All exercise helps but according to studies, aerobic exercise and strength training have been proven to increase insulin sensitivity and keep insulin levels in check. So all my talk about lifting weights is well worth it!

But don’t worry if you don’t enjoy them or aren’t able to do them - any exercise helps with hormone health!

In one study that lasted for 24 weeks, obese women had better insulin sensitivity and higher levels of a hormone called adiponectin, which is anti-inflammatory and keeps metabolism under control. Moving your body is so much more than just about your weight management and sometimes knowing this changes the game! A lot of my clients find this motivates them more than watching the numbers on a scale because of how much better they feel on daily basis.

Exercise has another benefit from a hormone perspective too, especially if you’re concerned about losing muscle mass as you get older. Hormones that help you to maintain muscle mass tend to decline with age but studies have suggested that this isn’t always the case for people who are physically active. You don’t need to be doing really intense exercise either … even walking regularly has been shown to keep these hormones at a higher level than they otherwise would.

The moral of the story - start moving more! Your hormones will thank you!

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