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Client Spotlight: Kristy

Have a break from me telling you how fitness can work for you no matter your lifestyle and hear it from a client instead!

Meet Kristy - She's a mother to two beautiful and sassy daughters (who are firecrackers just like their momma), a wife, a full-time employee and the list goes on! She signed up for personal training to feel better and get stronger. Kristy started her sessions with me feeling tired and saying she couldn't do a lot of things - but let me tell you - she never quits, always gives it her best shot and pushes through every session like a warrior!

Kristy: " I used to feel tired all day long, even on waking up from a good night’s sleep. I would excuse or rationalize my lethargy, blaming it on my busy schedule, medication side effects, and age.

I decided to make some small changes to see if I could regain some of my long lost energy.

The first step was reaching out to Lisa. I was drawn to her one on one, private, and personalized service. I loved her right away. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient, fun, and motivating. She’s your biggest cheerleader.

I made it clear from the start that I wasn’t all that coordinated, athletic, or confident. She quickly had me feeling strong and competent.

One of my favourite things about working with Lisa is that every single session is different, which keeps me excited and looking forward to my workouts.

She has a very realistic outlook when it comes to diet and exercise, which is refreshing! Lisa understands that life is busy, and offers easy and quick alternatives for workouts, meals and snacks.

Since reaching out a few months back, I have gained energy, am less sedentary in general, am eating healthier, and no longer have spillage over my waistband (bonus side effect)!

I feel better than I have in years. I can’t imagine NOT going to Lisa. She’s stuck with me forever. My time with her is MY time. It’s the one thing I do all for me, but my whole family benefits. They get a much better version of me, thanks to Lisa.

She’s become a dear friend and mentor. I would highly recommend you make yourself a priority, like I did, and reach out to Refire!"

Do you want to share your story? Are you ready to start making progress? Reach out!


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