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Client Spotlight: Shelley

Have a break from me telling you how fitness can work for you no matter your lifestyle and hear it from a client instead!

Meet Shelley - She's a busy professional who has, like many of us, watched herself drop down of her to-do list and completely off of it! She found herself wanting to find her way back to prioritizing her health. And while life doesn't stop, Shelley has proven to herself that she's worth showing up for and the little stuff counts!

Shelley: "Before I started with Refire Fitness, I felt insecure, tired, and like I didn't have anyone to help me through this funk.

What surprised me most about the process was that it was simple, something to look forward to and very rewarding once you mark the routine each day as complete!

I surprised myself on this journey by wanting to keep going and not quit and I kept signing up again and again because it felt like a part of me!

The advice I would give someone starting on this new journey is to go for it, stick to it and love it. It will make you feel so great that you are accomplishing the routines and your frame of thought changes completely about how you feel about yourself if you are like me and was insecure or even if you went in to this process with a clear mind, you come out with lots of energy and advice from a great coach and plenty of meal ideas and even just someone to talk to along the way.

I feel confident, strong and it helped me not only physically but for my health and my mental well-being as well. What I enjoyed the most is that my journey is still going and I don't want it to end! So, instead, what I am enjoying the most still today is my boost of confidence and noticeable results from Lisa's geared to me only workouts!"

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