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  • Lisa Kelly

The Top 4 Life Hacks for Immediate Health Gains (No, Seriously)

Come here, weary traveler of internet rabbit holes of nonsense information for health and fitness.

I know you’re tired of the pushy sales of magic pills or powders and bizarre workout fads that promise you beach bodies in a week.

Today, I’m about to drop some genuine knowledge bombs that might just make a dent in the 'real-life' department. And if you’ve followed me for awhile, you might recognize these…not because I’m boring, but because I’m consistent.

Because consistent works, okay?! If it didn’t, I wouldn’t keep doing it or preaching it. And if that makes me boring, well then I’m happy to be a snooze fest!

For free…no gimmicks, no marketing scheme,…here are my top 4 life hacks that will immediately impact your health in a good way!

1. Get Hydrated for F*ck Sakes! Raise your glasses, or better yet, your water bottles! Drinking enough water is like giving your body a refreshing, hydrating high-five. Feeling sluggish? Thirsty? A bit like a dehydrated houseplant? Guzzle down some H2O, and watch the energy flow! I get that you don’t want to hear that, but it’s the truth. Water is exactly what your body needs pretty much at any given time. Drink.The.Water.

Action Item: Grab your favorite water bottle and make a goal to finish it at least twice today.

2. The Power of Veggie You love to hate them but next to water, they offer up everything your body is asking (probably screaming) at you for. It’s not just a nag – it’s actual scientific truth! They are packed with water, nutrients, minerals, and vitamins that will help you have more energy, improve digestion and help your skin, hair and nails. Plus, they curb all kinds of cravings if you eat them consistently. (Do you see a theme here yet?!)

Action Item: Hit the grocery store, grab a rainbow of vegetables (yes, even that weird-looking one), and challenge yourself to include veggies in every meal today. Your taste buds and digestive system will thank you!

3. Just Walk Already It’s not cool or hip and likely won’t show up on an infomercial for the latest workout craze, but walking more each day (any pace, any capacity) will benefit you instantly. Take a stroll after dinner, do a speed walk in the morning, use your break to walk the office a few times…any type of walking at all will help. The more daily movement you have, the better you’ll feel as movement helps lubricate joints, burn calories and get your digestive system moving. Bonus points for walking outside since that boosts mental health!

Action Item: See those legs you go there? Nice right? Well they are for more than showing off, they are for moving. Plan in movement throughout your day by walking more any chance you get – lunch, breaks, stairs, parking lot etc….

4. Sleep, More You’ve been waiting for this one, haven’t you? It’s a crowd pleaser! A life hack for better health is to: sleep more. A good night’s rest can transform you from a zombie to a superhero in the blink of an eye (well, after some beauty sleep, of course). And while you might be struggling with sleep at this time, you can do some things to try to help your body – don’t think of your sleep as reward for productivity, it is a necessity for health!

Action Item: Establish a bedtime routine like a grown-up. Dim the lights, put away the screens, and tuck yourself in at a reasonable hour. Let’s make sleep cool again!

Incorporating these four simple and effective habits into your daily routine will set you on the path to better health and a happier life!

Want to create real change? Reach out today!


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