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  • Lisa Kelly

Functionality Matters: Why Being Fit Shouldn't Feel Like Learning the Periodic Table

Have you ever felt like fitness is a complex foreign language, filled with jargon and routines that seem detached from real life? Well, it's time to flip the script.

In this post, we're diving into the world of functional fitness – a language built on the basics, designed to make everyday movements a breeze. Forget complicated exercises; let's explore the power of simplicity and how functional fitness can be seamlessly integrated into your daily life.

Functional fitness is the art of making your workouts mirror the movements you perform in your everyday life. It's about building strength, flexibility, and stability that directly translate into improved functionality. Instead of isolating muscles with fancy gym machines, think of functional fitness as a return to the basics – movements that enhance your ability to navigate the real world with ease.

1. Embracing the Squat:

The squat is the queen of functional movements. Whether you're picking up groceries, sitting down at your desk, or playing with your kids, squats are a fundamental part of daily life. They engage multiple muscle groups, strengthen your lower body, and improve mobility.

Incorporate bodyweight squats into your routine. Start with 10 squats and gradually increase the repetitions as you build strength. Pay attention to your form, ensuring your knees track over your toes.

2. Hinging for Hip Power:

The hip hinge is a game-changer for functional fitness. Mastering this movement not only improves your posture but also plays a crucial role in activities like bending down to tie your shoes or lifting a suitcase. Deadlifts, kettlebell swings, and Romanian deadlifts are excellent exercises to enhance your hip hinge.

Practice the hip hinge with a kettlebell or even a water bottle. Hinge at your hips while keeping your back straight, and return to the standing position. This movement pattern will strengthen your posterior chain.

3. Core Stability for Real-world Resilience:

A strong core is the backbone of functional fitness. It goes beyond the quest for six-pack abs; it's about stability and support for daily activities. Planks, bird-dogs, and Russian twists are effective exercises to build a resilient core.

Add a 60-second plank to your routine. Gradually increase the duration as you feel more comfortable. Remember to engage your core muscles and maintain a straight line from head to heels.

Imagine effortlessly lifting a suitcase into the overhead bin or comfortably sitting cross-legged on the floor to play with your pet. These are the real-life victories of functional fitness. It's not about complicated routines; it's about mastering the basics to enhance your overall quality of life!

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