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  • Lisa Kelly

Healthy Habits During This Time

I am not going to tell you how to do a home workout or give you a list of healthy recipes to try.

Those topics are already out there and if you really wanted them, you would have found them by now.

During this time, I don’t think going full-force on a whole new lifestyle is the way to go anyways.

Your mind and body are already dealing with a lot of change, stress and breaks in routine. If you try to add in sudden goals of fat loss, new diets and rigid workouts – you’re likely to fail pretty hard.

Don’t take this the wrong way – I’m not saying you should throw it all out the window and let your health go or to not set any goals. I just don’t think taking on anything too drastic right now would be beneficial to most people. If you’re the rare unicorn who would thrive with all these changes – then more power to you!

My thoughts in this time lean even more towards balance and finding ways to feel healthy, strong and calm.

With that, I don’t want to just focus on home workouts or trying to stick to nutrition rules. What I do want to offer is healthy habits you can work on building.

It is time to take care of your whole being – from mind, body and soul in a way that fits with the current circumstances.

So here’s to habit building, slow and steady – one at a time – in hopes that you can feel good most days. And that you can get strong without feeling the pressure to stick to something that just isn’t going to be sustainable.

Hydrate You knew this was going to make the top right? Sorry, it’s pretty much the answer to every health question! Water helps you stay hydrated and helps your body work like the well oiled cleaning machine that it is. Your immune system relies on water to easily flush out the bad stuff and fight off infection. So while your world and routines are a little different now, focus on something that is easy to control – like how much water you are drinking (aim for eight ounces a day – or more if you are exerting).

Be Mindful of Mindless Eating Been there, done that! Mindless eating is often connected to emotions and boredom. Don’t be to hard on yourself if you’ve struggled with this. A habit you can work on right now is to start being aware of when you are mindlessly eating and pay attention to why. If you are watching more tv because you can't get out, then try to be aware of your snacking habits. For some clients of mine, it has been really helpful to track when they are mindlessly eating so they can understand what drives them to do it.

Get Movement Where You Can It’s okay to not feel like you can take on a 30 minute workout. Instead you can keep it simple and focus getting any extra movement you can in your day. Take the stairs more often, walk the neighbourhood once a day, squat when brushing your teeth etc. It doesn’t have to be huge to count! Dance with the kids or build silly obstacles courses in your home - it all counts!

Read (or listen) More Taking time to step away from screens is important and not often on our to-do list. But reading or listening to an audiobook is an activity that engages your mind and promotes relaxation without having to fixate on a screen. Give it a try - it's gives your eyes a break and it eases tension in your body. The best part is you can escape into a pretend world with a story, learn something new with a how-to book or dive deeper into subjects that interest you.

That's it for now! If you work on these habits for the next little while, that is more than enough :) Stay Safe!



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