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  • Lisa Kelly

The Art of Quick and Easy Meal Prep

In the whirlwind of our hectic lives, time often feels like a rare and precious commodity. The constant juggling act between work, family, and personal commitments can make it challenging to prioritize one of the most fundamental aspects of our well-being – our nutrition.

I wanted to go over how I approach prepping and planning my food with some quick and easy meal prep strategies to inspire you!


1. Master the Basics:

Let's keep it real – you don't need to be a culinary wizard to save time in the kitchen. Start with mastering the basics. Chop your veggies for the week, portion out your proteins, and precook grains like rice or quinoa. These little prep steps might seem insignificant, but they're the backbone of efficient meal prep.


2. The Power of Pre-Marination:

Turn your proteins into flavor powerhouses by marinating them ahead of time. Spend a few minutes the night before tossing your chicken, tofu, or fish in your favorite marinade. When dinnertime rolls around, you'll have a dish bursting with flavor, and you'll get the chef credit you deserve without the time-consuming process.


3. Mise en Place for the Win:

Ever heard of the French culinary term "mise en place"? It translates to "everything in its place." Take a cue from the pros and prep your ingredients in advance. Dice onions, mince garlic, and measure out your spices. Having everything ready to go turns cooking into a breeze, and you'll wonder why you didn't embrace this time-saving hack sooner.


4. Batch Cook Smartly:

You don't have to spend your entire Sunday in the kitchen to benefit from batch cooking. Choose a versatile dish that can be repurposed throughout the week. A big pot of chili, a hearty soup, or a simple stir-fry can be the gift that keeps on giving, requiring minimal effort on busy weekdays.


5. Frozen Treasure Trove:

Never underestimate the power of your freezer. When you're whipping up a meal, consider doubling the recipe and freezing half. That way, on days when time is scarce, you have a homemade, freezer-friendly meal waiting to rescue you from the clutches of takeout.


6. Breakfast on Autopilot:

Mornings can be chaotic, but your breakfast doesn't have to be. Spend a few minutes prepping overnight oats, smoothie packs, or a batch of healthy muffins. Your future self will thank you for the hassle-free, nutritious start to the day. I often have the same breakfast – keeps it simple!


7. Embrace the One-Pot Wonders:

The less time spent on cleanup, the better. Embrace one-pot wonders – dishes that come together in a single pot or pan. Think hearty stews, sheet pan dinners, or skillet meals. Not only do they save you time in preparation, but they also minimize the post-cooking mess.


In the quest for a balanced life, a bit of prepping and planning can do wonders. You don't need hours on end or a degree in culinary arts to make it work. By incorporating these simple and easy meal prep steps into your routine, you'll reclaim valuable time without sacrificing the joy of wholesome, homemade meals.


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