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  • Lisa Kelly

My Favorite Moves for Building Confidence in Fitness

When it comes to being confident with working out, it takes practice. I promise you, no one started off feeling super comfortable working out. We get sweaty, we get in odd positions, and we make weird faces.  

But, we also learn, we grow and we get stronger! So it’s all for the cause, baby!


To help you get more confident, I wanted to share some of my favourite moves with you. I love all of these moves to get variety in my workouts but to also make me feel pretty badass!

With some practice, you can own these anytime, anyplace – although breaking them out for your grandmother’s birthday might be strange…I could dig it.


Squats The queen of lower body workouts, squats are my go-to for building strength in the legs, glutes, and core. Perfect your form, engage your muscles, and feel the burn on these – so worth it! You can do various types of squats and work on increasing how much weight you use…you’ll feel strong as f!


Deadlifts These are a full-body powerhouse. Not only do they target your hamstrings and glutes, but they also engage your lower back and core. The more you do them, the heavier you can go and ooooh, they make you feel pretty strong!


Curtsy Lunges I LOVE these for sculpting your quads, glutes, and inner thighs. Mastering this move not only improves your physical strength but also boosts your grace and balance. It can feel hard at first, but once you get the hang of these, they are awesome.


Chest Fly Let's give some love to the upper body! Chest fly is fantastic for targeting your chest muscles. They’ll make you want to keep going heavier too, feels badass!


Upright Rows I love these to work your shoulders and upper traps. You’ll feel strong in your whole body with this move.


Jumping Jacks Don’t hate me for this one! Simple yet effective, jumping jacks are a classic cardio move that gets your heart pumping. They engage your entire body, from head to toe, making you feel alive and energized. Plus, if you get the hang of them, they are a hardcore move to put into your workouts.


Squat Touches Combining strength and cardio, squat touches are a dynamic way to elevate your heart rate while working your lower body. I love these as they get me moving and wanting to keep pushing harder.


Kickboxing Kickboxing drills are an exhilarating way to release stress, burn calories, and feel like a total badass. Whether it's jab-cross combinations or powerful kicks, kickboxing not only improves your cardiovascular fitness but also boosts your confidence in your own strength. Badass!


There you have it – a compilation of my favorite moves that have not only transformed my body but also ignited my confidence. Will you try them out? Look for a video combining all of these on my social media!


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